Tax Credits and Incentives

Robins, Eskew, Smith & Jordan works with business clients throughout Georgia and across the United States, helping them take advantage of a wide range of incentive programs offered by federal, state and local governments. These programs are designed to encourage spending in certain business sectors and locations – and many companies leave money on the table as they are not even aware of these available savings opportunities.

The team of tax credit and incentive specialists at RESJ will analyze your current situation and identify available government programs for which your business is eligible. We then guide you through the often-complex process of applying for and obtaining these opportunities, which can translate into significant tax savings in the form of refunds or credits.

Some of the more common tax credits and incentives include:

  • Jobs Tax CreditsThere are various incentives in Georgia for businesses seeking to enhance or expand their operations. Some Incentives at both the state and federal level are based on hiring certain types of workers in certain locations. These credits, which are specific to certain industries, are often tied to weak employment zones or economic sectors, but workforce training incentives are available as well.
  • Research and DevelopmentR&D tax credits at the federal and state level are designed to encourage research in fields such as technology and healthcare to enhance various products and systems.
  • Real Estate Incentives – Tax credits and deductions exist for building or redeveloping property in certain zones, relocating a business headquarters, and providing low-income housing and preserving historic properties. Additional incentives like cost segregation, enhanced depreciation provisions and favorable provisions in the tangible property regulations can make these projects even more attractive.

If you are interested in learning more about possible tax incentives available for your business, RESJ’s tax professionals are ready to help.

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